Showcasing juls

Showcasing juls

Visit my work in person!

Visit my work in person!

About Me

My Background

I trained in Embroidery (BA Hons) and did  a postgraduate training in Textiles.

This was very theoretical and it allowed me to develop critical skills and be able to curate my own work.

I took a long break from my practice as I had to discover and dissect my own being in order to understand my reasons for creating.

I fulfil my needs in the making even if my work is based on a concept/idea.

It is only through accomplishing a piece I find the right therapy for my being.

My Medium

As a child I would spend my days drawing and painting. This was combined with a passion for embroidery; you had to be brave in those days and stand up for yourself as sewing in general was considering a medium for girls. 

These are the media I still like using for my practice.

I am not sure what kids get taught in school nowadays but I always hanged out with people who are proud of who they are and what they like.

I am the idea of gender as we know it has been broken down and reduced to just a societal convention.

My Inspiration

I love music and I love culture.

Punk has had a great ascendant on me and it's ideas of style  and freedom.

I work mainly with colour and texture;

I create narratives that are abstract and on the verge of surrealism.

The decorative element is quite important.

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